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            Changzhou Mingsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

            Mainly produces pesticides, pharmaceuticals,
            and fragrance intermediates

            Quality assurance, service first, reputation oriented


            Mingsheng Biotechnology


            Product name 4-Fluoro-3-phenoxybenzaldehyde
            Structural formula   
            Molecular formula C13H9FO2
            CAS 68359-57-9
            Appearance Colorless or pale yellow liquid
            Use Used to synthesize pyrethroid pesticides
            Specification Purity≥98%
            Package Iron drum (200kg/drum)
            Tel 0519-82583898 / +86-518-83619882
            Fax +86-519-82583138
            Contact Zhu Xiaoming, Zhu Guoyin

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